General Questions

What is a Personal Seat License?

Personal Seat License is a one-time purchase that gives you the ability to renew your seats as a member on an annual basis. It also provides flexibility to transfer your seats when desired. This is a gateway to become a Season Ticket Member

Why should I use MLSE License Hub?

The MLSE License Hub is the only official marketplace for Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors. The License Hub is fully operated and serviced by MLSE. We encourage all members and customers to use the License Hub to transfer seats securely.

How do I post my seats?

You can post your seats for free! If your seats are not Licensed, we will subtract the primary license cost from the total payout amount. For primary pricing please reach out to .

Step 1: Click Create Listing in the top right corner
Step 2: Fill out Archtics Account Details
Step 3: Fill out seat details and add any additional details you want
Step 4: Input your asking price and click preview listing
Step 5: Click the green Submit Listing button
Step 6: Wait for MLSE approval

You can edit your listing at any time by going to My Marketplace and selecting your listing. MLSE will need to approve changes made.

What is the difference between a Private Sale Transfer and a Private Transfer?

A Private Transfer, the buyer and seller will handle the exchange of money on their own. A Private Sale Transfer, the MLSE License Hub will handle the transfer of money from buyer to seller. STR will handle the PSL documentation in both scenarios.

How do I make an offer?

You can make an offer on any listing if it is at least 50% of asking price.
Step 1: Click Browse Listing on home page
Step 2: Sort/Filter through the listing of available locations
Step 3: Click on the listing you are interested in
Step 4: Click Make Offer on the right side of page
Step 5: Login to your account
Step 6: Type your amount and click continue

You can view all active offers under My Marketplace.

What is the process once an offer is accepted?

Step 1: MLSE Approves the offer
Step 2: Ticket Terms: We work with the buyer and seller to determine the individual ticket games for the current season
Step 3: PSL Transfer Documents: We will send out the transfer documents through Adobe Sign
Step 4: Payment: We will send the invoice to the buyer and collect payment
Step 5: MLSE Internal Process Review
Step 6: Legal Documents: We will send the legal documents through Adobe Sign
Step 7: Finalize Transfer: We move the seats to the new account
Step 8: Transfer Complete! The seller will receive the PSL Payout

Is there a fee to use the License Hub?

There is a 10% Sellers Fee and a 5% Buyers fee. However, you can post free of charge!

Can I contact a seller/buyer?

A: The MLSE License is completely anonymous. If you have a question, please reach out to and we can assist.

What does it mean by ticket availability/Ticket Terms?

Ticket availability are the individual games left in the current season that wish to sell or purchase at member cost. This allows the buyer to have access to games while we work to complete transfer.

Can I relocate my seats?

The fastest way to relocate or upgrade yours seats is to sell your current PSL(s) and purchase a new PSL on the MLSE License Hub.

How much do the tickets cost annually?

The cost of a Season Ticket Membership ranges depending on the location and are subject to change annually. Please check out the Seller Notes on the Listings Page.

How long does it take to complete a transfer?

We complete an extensive internal review of the transfer request to help protect all parties involved. Each legal document is customized to the individual transfer. Each transfer takes approximately 7 months to complete. However, we will work with you during the process to provide tickets to the buyer during the transfer window.

What is a Combo Club?

A Combo Club is a PSL purchase that provides a premium Membership for both Leafs and Raptors. In some cases the Leafs and Raptors are in separate seat locations and others the seat location is the same for both teams.